• September 17th & 18th
    Green Country Classic Mustangs 31st Annual Show in Tulsa Oklahoma.
  • September 24th & 25th
    4th Annual Mustang Round Up in Owensboro KY
  • September 29th thru October 3rd
    Mustang Fest. Starts in Mustang Oklahoma and ends in Mustang Island Padre
  • October 9th & 10th 29th
    Annual Regional Mustang & Ford Show Hot Springs Arkansas
  • October 24th 29th
    Annual Charity Open Car Show San Antonio Texas
  • October 31st thru November 5th
    SEMA Las Vegas Nevada.

There are a few more out of state shows I would like to do it Depends on the finances. Thanks for all your Support,
- Mouse & Saphira


Both Mouse and his absolutely gorgeous creation, Saphira travel the country year round visiting shows, you can visit their website here: His show itinerary is also listed above so you can follow along with the couple!

Dear Ginger,

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your Amazing Spark Plugs. When we met at 2009 SEMA and talked about Brisk Plugs I knew they were different then all the other brands on the market by their Quality and Construction. You were Extremely Knowledgeable and Confident that Brisk was the Best Spark Money Could Buy. After I received the Brisk Speciality Supercharged Motor Application Plugs I removed Brand ( X ) and began to replace them with yours. I gaped the Brisk Plugs to your Specifications put a little Anti Seize and installed them in my Kenny Dutwaller 302 720 HP Paxton Supercharged Ford Small Block. I noticed a difference as soon as I started Saphira, her idle was smooth and consistent and seemed to rev a little quicker. Well now the test really begins. I drove Saphira to the Mustang Nationals in Mustang Oklahoma then to the 36th Mid America Ford and Team Shelby Nationals and I noticed I was getting a little bit Better Fuel Milage. Two weekends ago I really put the Brisk Spark Plugs to the Real Road Trip Test I drove Saphira 15 1/2 hours straight except for Fuel Stops and Bathroom Breaks to Asheville NC for the MCA Nationals at the Biltmore Estate and I got about 2 Miles Per Gallon Better Fuel Milage and Much Better Acceleration. I am Extremely PIcky about what goes on or in Saphira. Brisk Plugs are Number One In My Book, they will be the ONLY SPARK PLUG I USE IN SAPHIRA. Thank you for such an OUTSTANDING PRODUCT. Keep up the Great Work.!!!

Mouse & Saphira