Despite of claims, there is no other spark plug manufacturer in the world that offers spark plug with multiple discharges per single ignition system impulse!

Better efficiency, more power, torque, and faster acceleration is achieved trough unparallel, unique and proprietary designs from Brisk.

Brisk is one of World's 10 largest spark plug producers with 70-year tradition of spark plug production. Brisk is a leader in spark plug technology and design, capable of custom production and turnkey projects. Brisk manufacturers a vide variety of spark plugs, some with unique and superior characteristics. Key requirement of O.E. Spark plugs is long life and low price. On the other hand, key feature of Premium spark plugs is maximum efficiency and durability for specific application. Brisk annual production of more than 50 million spark plugs among others include: Brisk Super spark plugs, Brisk Extra spark plugs, Brisk Forte spark plugs, Brisk Platin spark plugs, Brisk Double Platin spark plugs, Brisk Racing Iridium spark plugs, Brisk Racing Iridium/Yttrium spark plugs, Brisk Silver Racing spark plugs, Brisk LGS Lamborghini spark plugs, Brisk Extra Turbo Evolution spark plugs, Brisk ZS/ZC spark plugs, Brisk TXS spark plugs, and other.

Indivisible Part of Brisk Corporation is Glass and Ceramics Technical Institute in Hradec Kralove, which is Brisk's main Research and Development facility. Another sister company of Brisk is Brita Trade, LLC that manufacture special radioactive shielding glass for use in Nuclear Medicine and RTG (X-ray diagnostic equipment). Among others, Brisk is an O.E. supplier for Lamborghini, TM Racing, VW, Volvo, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Opel, Sthil and many others.

1935 BRITA company engaged in production of spark plugs (initially with mica and later on with ceramic insulators) was founded in Tabor, Czech Republic
1940 The company controlled by OHM Keramische Werke from Berlin, and the production of spark plugs focused on war supplies
1946 The company became a part of state-controlled PAL Automotive and Aircraft Enterprises (PAL has further been used as a company’s registered trade mark)
1948 Joining with the competing spark plug company CIL from Tabor
1953 Foundation of an independent national enterprise focused on production of automotive spark plugs
Preparation of a new ceramic material for spark plug insulators
1960 Increase in spark plug production and principal extension of the company choice by PALTEST diagnostic devices and low-voltage aircraft ignition systems
1975 Launching 3rd-generation spark plugs
Production of technical and electrotechnical ceramics
1988 Production of cold-pressed spark plug shells
Transformation into state enterprise (1989)
1992 Establishing BRISK Tábor a.s. joint-stock company, legal successor of JISKRA state enterprise.
Brisk increases spark plug production.
1994 Brisk recives ISO 9001 certification
Brisk extends product range by emission testers
Brisk introduces new generation of Brisk Premium multi-spark plugs
1995 Privatisation of the Brisk Tabor a.s. completed
1996 Brisk starts production of speed sensors for SKODA AUTO a.s.; a part of VW Group
Brisk introduces new line of Brisk Premium TXS multi-spark plugs
1997 Brisk supplying spark plugs to SKODA AUTO a.s.; a part of VW Group
Brisk increases spark plug production.
Brisk is launching new ignition electrodes and ionisation probes for household gas equipment
1998 Brisk receives QS-9000 and VDA 6.1 certification
1999 Brisk is classified among the best spark plug and speed sensor suppliers of VW concern
BRISK received "THE LEADING EDGE" award from the VW corporation as one of the corporation's best suppliers.
Brisk is classified among "CZECH 100 BEST"
2000 Brisk receives EMS - ISO 14 001 certification
Brisk increases spark plug production.
Brisk is classified as one of the top one hundred Czech companies "CZECH 100 BEST"
Brisk opened a plant for the manufacturing of spark-plugs in the Kaliningrad region, Russia
2001 Brisk supply of Brisk Premium LGS spark-plugs for basic production of Lamborghini Motori Marina
Brisk supply of spark-plugs for small agricultural machinery for basic production of SAGEM (JCAE)
Brisk supply of spark-plugs for basic production of AUTOVAZ a.s.
Brisk supply of spark-plugs for basic production of GAZ a.s.
Brisk is classified as one of the top one hundred Czech companies "CZECH 100 BEST"
2002 Commencement of production of second-generation BRISK Premium LGS spark-plugs
DIN EN ISO 9001 VDA 6.1 QS 9000 ISO 14001
2003 Brisk begins production of speed sensors for Volvo.
2004 Brisk begins supply of Brisk Silver and Brisk Premium spark plugs for primary production of TM Racing.
Annual spark plug production exceeded 50 million spark plugs.
Brisk USA Ent. successfully test the potential of Brisk Premium spark plugs on the US market.
Brisk spark plugs are exported to over 55 countries around the world.

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BRISK Tábor a.s. feels it shares responsibility for the protection of the environment. Its target is to develop and produce safe and environment-friendly products with the lowest environmental impacts and the lowest demand on natural resources and energy possible, thus contributing to keeping the environment for future generations.In 2000 the joint-stock company BRISK was certified with ÈSN EN ISO 14001 by the Electrotechnical Testing Institute in Prague.BRISK's certification under this standard has become a continuous process of constant improvement in all respects. Having introduced EMS measures, secured by the necessary sources, mostly financial, corporate management has undertaken to meet its set targets and goals. BRISK's environmental policy constitutes a well-documented commitment of the corporate management which defines the company's attitude to the environmental management system.

The company ŠKODA AUTO a.s. has classified BRISK Tábor a.s. in the group of A suppliers for spark-plugs and speed sensors.