Brisk Spark Plugs

The Brisk Premium LGS spark plugs are designed to maximize the benefit of high power factory ignition systems used on late model vehicles. The proprietary design of the Brisk Premium LGS spark plugs provides for maximum spark exposure, and unrestricted access of the air/fuel mixture. Once the ignition process is initiated the flame front can expand in almost all directions, without standard ground electrode restriction. This contributes to faster and more complete burn, resulting in increase of mean cylinder pressure of each combustion cycle. In addition, faster rise in cylinder pressure helps eliminate the need for running excessive timing advance, which generates excessive heat and can strain the engine. On late model stock vehicles timing advance is controlled automatically by knock-sensor feed back to ECU/PCM.

The Brisk Premium LGS design spark plugs were developed by Brisk research and development center in Italy, in cooperation with Lamborghini. Brisk Premium LGS spark plugs are for example used as OE (Original Equipment) spark plug in Lamborghini 12 cylinder 1000 hp engines. The improvement in efficiency is as beneficial for everyday driver as for professional race application. The Brisk Premium LGS spark plugs brings more ignition power inside the combustion chamber and therefore requires the ignition system to be in sound condition. This is important especially in performance applications, where dense environment inside the combustion chamber makes it difficult for a spark discharge to occur. The Brisk Premium LGS spark plug is an excellent choice for stock and mild power applications, and high power applications with powerful or upgraded ignition systems (such as MSD). For applications without sufficient ignition power to run the Brisk Premium LGS spark plug, applications with hard to ignite type of fuel (alcohol, LPG, and other), and/or applications with very high forced induction pressures, Brisk offers Brisk Silver Racing spark plugs, Brisk Premium Iridium Racing spark plugs and Brisk Racing Turbo Evolution spark plugs. Brisk Racing spark plugs have many unique performance features and optimized diameter spark plug center electrode for lower ignition system requirements (Brisk Silver Racing spark plugs, Brisk Premium Iridium Racing spark plugs). For the extreme stress, ultimate power applications, endurance or Rally Racing we offer the Brisk Racing Turbo Evolution spark plugs. All Brisk performance spark plugs (except Racing Iridium) utilize Silver center electrode, because silver is the best thermal and electrical conductor of all metals. Brisk spark plug marking system is customer friendly. The letter before the spark plug heat range number designates the spark plug dimension, and the letters after the heat range number designates the spark plug firing tip configuration. Brisk coldest spark plug is 08 (equiv. to NGK 10), and the hottest spark plug is 19 (equiv. to NGK 4). The actual sequence of most popular spark plug heat ranges is as follows:

BRISK 8 10 12 14 15 17
NGK 10 9 8 7 6 5
DENSO 31 27 24 22 20 16

For example, the most common Brisk spark plug for a late model Chevy and Ford stock applications is the Brisk Premium GOR17LGS spark plug (equiv. to NGK TR-55, or TR-5), and the Brisk Premium GOR15LGS spark plug (equiv. To NGK TR-6). For seriously modified applications and/or applications over 500hp colder Brisk spark plug heat ranges should be used. Always follow manufacturer spark plug heat range recommendations; and as rule of thumb for every +50 to 100 Hp use one-step colder spark plug. If uncertain about the heat range, always start with a colder heat range spark plug. If spark plug fouls and starts to misfire, move up one heat range. Running too hot spark plug for given application can result in serious engine damage. This information is provided for guidance only, the final fitment decision is customer/engine tuner responsibility and any type or form of damages resulting from unsuitable or incorrect fitment cannot be claimed against seller, importer, or manufacturer of this product.

Equipment for racing cars is highly individualized and requires much experience in the choice of the best spark plug thermal value. Engine compression, boost pressure, air-fuel ratio, timing and other variables play major roles in selection of an appropriate thermal value (heat range) of a spark plug. A Wrong decision can lead to serious engine damage. Please consult unclear cases with an expert or the producer. Any damages, implied or consequential caused by improper choice of spark plug cannot be claimed against the importer or producer of the spark plug.